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Insane Hacks of Saving Money While Shopping

We all knows those lame quotes about how money cannot buy happiness.

We all know those millionaire quotes that money can buy everything that can make us happy, and perhaps those who think that money cannot buy happiness, never went to shopping.


The biggest problem with shopping is that you never have enough of it. However, you can always have more than enough if you know how to save more money on shopping to buy more items.

It is all about a products to greens ratio; you can harvest more products if you save more greens on your shopping.

In this guide I’m going to show you some insane hacks of saving money on shopping online as well as physically.

So all of you shopping ninjas, roll up your sleeves and get ready!

  1. Be Social with Seller

This trick works for physical buying as well as online shopping. Vendors’ ideal customers are those who pick a product on whim and immediately give them the credit card to pay for the product.


The kind of people who get a discount are always those who are social and who can wait. You need to talk and argue, even nag the seller to bring them to a point where they give you a discount instead of losing you straight away.

While this trick is not much successful in online shopping, out of personal experience I can tell you that it works on AliExpress.

While Amazon sellers won’t listen to you, on AliExpress you can always talk to the seller and amazingly they give you a discount if you buy a big quantity or a single expensive item.

  1. Keep

Cart abandonment rate is the biggest nightmare of online sellers. What is cart abandonment rate?

Well, it is the ratio of the items that are chosen by the customers, but abandoned in the cart.

Depending on the nature of the website (Amazon/AliExpress or small scale vendors) they can notice who has left the products in the cart. Some websites allow guest buyers to do so and some require an account to add items to cart.

Whatever it may be, but to see that an item is in cart for a long time is painful. How you can take advantage of this situation?

Contact the seller (DM or Chat), make some excuse regarding money and tell them that you still want to buy the product, but the price is too high for you. They will move the mountains to make sure that you buy the product.

  1. Register for Email Newsletters

The email newsletters are a common practice among online services and products selling websites.

Through these not only they get the phone numbers and email addresses of the customers (for marketing), but they keep the customers updated about the upcoming products.

These newsletters also let you know whenever discount or sale on particular products is available. You can then immediately avail the opportunity and save money on the same items that you will otherwise buy at actual rate.

  1. Buy on End of a Season
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